We’re a Competent Team, a Modern Problem-solving Consulting Firm based in Ghana.

We drive business growth and problem solving with empathy. We improve businesses performance based on our empathy lenses.

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General Business Management

DGL Consulting Team possesses skill sets, a wealth of knowledge and experience to grow, develop people and organizations.

Research and Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies are used to determine whether an invention is appropriate for further testing. It enables researchers

Project Management

The success of a business (project) requires the right managerial skills. The process of leading the work of a team to achieve

Trade and Business Linkages

The success of every business must be geared towards linkages programmes that will help in capacity building in order to

DGL Academic Conferences

We organised professional conferences across many countries. To be abreast with changing trends and contemporary issues

Green Building Progressive Societies

Sustainable buildings minimize energy and water consumption and are a key part of sustainable progressive societies that

Dr. Jamal Mohammed

Message from Our Creative Director

In recent times, many are worried why many potential forward-looking businesses actually fold up or become insolvent. The answer to this question stems right in the heart of the degree of external energy and stimuli you inject into the management and staff of the business. No matter the goals and other aspirations of your business, you require some trainings, change management strategies, emotional intelligence, confident speakers and some general business techniques from an established firm in that regard.

It is in this light that, at DGL Consulting we offer a tailor-made practical strategies and problem-solving techniques and approaches for your business needs. We consult because you give us that opportunity to share with you what we have learnt over the period.

We see set out to believe in the dream and goals of our clients and we shall be with you to the very end. Therefore, I humbly take this opportunity to thank you for doing business with us. Why don’t you give us the opportunity to help your business needs?

Dr. Jamal Mohammed

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