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Our Team brings on board Innovation, Novelty and Contemporary Approaches to aid your business growth and development. Your business success depends on the value additions to your staff and their relationship with your customers.

Company Values


Our company moral character rests on the attributes such as: integrity, truthfulness, straightforwardness, including straightforwardness of conduct, along with the absence of lying and absence of cheating. We are sincere, trustworthy, loyal, and fair in dealing with our clients.


We make aspirations become a reality and nurture the idea into product which produce new profits and growth for the company.

Personal & Professional Integrity

We hold to our basic values and principles while providing impeccable service as well as maintain personal and firm standards. Our approach falls within the domains of ethical, social and moral standards of the profession.

Openness & Cooperation

We carry along attitude or opinion and open to new ideas, behaviours, cultures, peoples, environments, experiences, conventional, traditional and adjust to new environment. In doing this, we work with businesses to achieve a common goal.

Who We Are

We’re a Competent Team, a Modern Problem-solving Consulting Firm based in Ghana.

We drive business growth and problem solving with empathy. We improve businesses performance based on our empathy lenses.


OPEN AND COOPERATE to building a brand of any organisation.

We specialize in:


  1. General Business Management
  • Business Advisory Services
  • Legal and Business Registration
  • Leadership Training
  • Corporate Training and Capacity Development
  • Change Management and Business Transformation
  • Emotional Intelligence Training
  • Grant Proposals and Business Plan Development
  • Business Prospecting
  1. Research and Feasibility Studies
  2. Project Management
  3. Trade and Business Linkages
  4. DGL Academic Conferences
  • Countries: Canada, USA, Dubai, Ghana, Malaysia, India, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa
  1. Green Building Progressive Societies
  2. Environmental Impact Assessment

Our Team

Meet Our Dynamic Team!!!

Dr. Jamal Mohammed
Dr. Jamal Mohammed


Gladys Esinu Abiew-Wornaglo
Gladys Esinu Abiew-Wornaglo

HR & Administration

Dr. Prince Adjei
Dr. Prince Adjei

Programs Manager

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